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Remember My Blog About Kyle Walker Getting Busted Hosting A Sex Party? Well, He Decided To Stay Alone At Home ...To Watch Strippers On Instagram

Apparently Kyle Walker is attempting to beat Jerry Lawler for the horniest man without hiding it. I've been rewatching a lot of 90s/early 2000s Attitude Era wrestling and that man Jerry Lawler was horny. But Kyle Walker? Well just this morning, we had this blog on him: 

Good news is since then he's stayed home alone. That's important considering coronavirus. Bad news is he was busted in the IG Live comments of Tory Lanez and strippers (NSFWish) 

Now he got busted in the comments making a crying emoji. Just click here on The Sun for the picture. Not exactly the biggest deal. Shit, he's just watching some girls twerk and be half naked. Whom amongst us hasn't done that? The difference is he's a professional soccer player in England who also happens to play for the English national team. Oh, there's also this: 

A source said: “I don’t think England boss Gareth Southgate, or the players’ club managers, will be enamoured at their stars participating in these kind of ­tawdry sex shows.

Okay, so you pissed your managers off. Not great, but not the worst thing in the world. 

He faces a £240,000 club fine for the orgy just hours before telling fans to stay at home.

Oh just a half million pound fine. That's just from Man City too! That's not even going to add on to any other fine he might get or if the club decides to add more to it. 

I applaud him though - he's staying home! That's step 1. Step 2 is finding a burner account so he can watch all the strippers and porn his heart desires. The man is horny in quarantine and just needs to watch some strippers. Just reach out to half the commenters here, they'll help you with burner accounts.