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The Latest Update About The NBA Season Potentially Returning Sure Doesn't Sound Great!

I don't know about you, but even as we enter Day 2348721934721903487 without the NBA I was still for some reason holding out hope. I know what my brain was reading and hearing and I know what the reports were but for some reason my heart wouldn't accept a reality where there was no conclusion to the 2019-20 season. It didn't matter to me when it happened or in what format. I simply have been choosing to believe something magical will happen and one of the most entertaining seasons in recent memory would have some sort of playoff/tournament/champion. Just last week when we learned that the CBA was once again putting their return on pause I wrote this 

You can't have sport back until you can be 100000% sure it's safe, even if it's without fans. The pessimist in me wonders how sports will ever come back while there still isn't a vaccine for the rona. Honestly that might be our only option and who knows how long that takes. I just don't see how it's possible that you can guarantee every player, team employee, camera person, whatever is good to go. No way there are enough tests for that shit just so we can have sports again when there are other people in the country/world that need them. The last thing we need is a player/coach to test positive again once games start back up and then we're back to square one. It sucks to think about, but I truly think it's a legit possibility we don't get any sport of any kind until there is a vaccine readily available.

Now listen to Windy here at about the 1 minute mark of that clip. That's about as defeated as I've ever seen/heard him and he is a billion times more connected with this whole situation than the rest of us. If he's starting to lose hope well then what does that mean? Is he just being dramatic or is there truth to that concern. Games without fans, a bubble arena in Vegas, apparently none of that is the true solution to getting us basketball again. That appears to be mass testing which I'll be honest, I have no idea how close we are to that reality. I'm not just talking about this season, but beyond. I find it hard to believe we're going to have that sort of capability even by the summer. Again, I'm not an expert and didn't stay in a Holiday Inn last night either, but that feels a little soon for that sort of thing right?

I'll admit, this is all a little confusing  because on one hand we have Windy saying we're all fucked, and then on the other hand Danny Green is talking about how the players and the players association still believe that not only are we definitely going to still have a season, but they are still thinking mid May

Mid to late May? On what planet. That's in like 5 weeks. How can you tell us not to believe the reports that the season may be in jeopardy but to then believe that we could be back by late May. You just put me in a mental pretzel with that one. 

So who do we think is full of shit? My heart wants to roll with Danny Green but my head says Windy is probably closer to the truth. I don't see how the league can jeopardize the health of everyone without some sort of mass testing/vaccine and my gut says that's a long shot to happen.

Time to drink.