If You're Looking To Binge An Excellent And Hilarious Show, Make It "Cheers"

I was recently asked about the Boston bar-set network classic..

So late last night, I decided to start a long-awaited re-watch and sent out this late-night pic...

And I was very pleasantly surprised by many of the replies.

Classic lines. People watching for the first time. Proper praise. People watching for the fourth time. But they were all pro-"Cheers" and you should be too if you somehow haven't seen "Cheers" yet.

Yeah, it debuted almost 40 years ago but the writing and comedy is timeless. You fall in love with, or despise, the characters almost immediately. Sam Malone, the teetotaling former Red Sox reliever who owns the Beacon St. watering hole. The dimwitted but lovable barkeep Coach. Carla, the abrasive and miserable-yet-hysterical barmaid. Sam's first love interest Diane, a snobby blueblood type who "slums it" by working at a bar. And a pair of the most popular barflies ever put to film, the sharp-witted Norm and self-appointed know-it-all Cliff. 

As the 11 seasons melt away, more characters come and a couple go but the show never suffers for it. In fact, some may even think the show improved with some of the changes (Rebecca vs. Diane, anyone?). "Cheers" also roped in some fantastic guest stars over the years not because they were stuntcasting for ratings but because they were the cool kid everyone wanted to hang with.

So if you have roughly 117 hours over the next few months and you need a new crew of TV show workplace pals who will make you piss yourself laughing every episode, watch "Cheers" on Netflix. You will not regret it. Enjoy.