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'Coffee & Kareem' Is A Fun And Entertaining Quarantine Watch


No, that trailer did not look promising. I said as much when it originally dropped very close to the release date. However, this movie really surprised me, and had me laughing a bunch throughout its refreshingly brief 88 minute runtime. 

The familiar faces, Ed Helms and Taraji P. Henson, are both more than serviceable. They aren't what makes this movie funny, though. That would be Terrence Little Gardenhigh (Kareem), RonReaco Lee and even Vine's own King Bach. I'm always super impressed when little kids legitimately great comedic chops (think Bobb'e J. Thompson in 'Role Models' or Brady Noon in 'Good Boys'), and Gardenheigh was that dude here. He stole the show and was very quick, had fantastic delivery and was just a really believable actor. Lee, King Bach and William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart were a hilarious bad guy trio that got a ton of laughs out of me as well. I also just love seeing David Alan Grier in anything and everything. The only strikeout for me was Betty Gilpin, which felt super over-the-top. But that was maybe the point, so who knows. 

The film follows Officer Coffee (Helms) and Kareem (Gardenhigh) as they get wrapped up in this big drug ring because Kareem tries to hire a hitman to either kill Coffee or, in his words, paralyze him from the waist down so his dick doesn't work. The chase takes them across detroit where there is plenty of gunfights, one-liners, funny moments and not so funny moments. The movie itself is not fantastic, there is no denying it. That said, it's entertaining! The humor hits at like a 40% rate which is double what most comedies over the past few years have been at. 

It's a very predictable movie, but the humor will have you at least slightly entertained. Keep it on in the background while you play Warzone or something, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.