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White Sox Dave & Chief Are Standing In The Middle Of Soldier Field Right Now Covering Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Press Conference

You know things are bad in the big J world when the Lightfoot Administration is rolling out red carpet for WSD to sound the alarm on our new citywide campaign. No disrespect to anyone in that sentence. Just tell me two months ago that there's a global pandemic, all the sports are cancelled, Lori Lightfoot has become a viral sensation amidst the chaos and she's here to take questions from Barstool Chicago in the middle of Soldier Field on a Monday morning. I haven't done Ayahuasca but I imagine the visuals are on that kind of spectrum. 

Speaking of which, a buddy of mine spent a summer in college volunteering in Central America. He went on an ayahuasca retreat and basically tripped his balls off in the middle of the amazon for hours with some shaman. It's a fucked up story, but here's the even more fucked up part. His mom came to visit him a couple weeks later. He told her about it and she thought it sounded cool so they went back on the retreat together and my buddy did Ayahuasca again in the Amazon jungle with his mom. 

Merry Chirstmas, Love Son

And even still that's not as weird to me as Lori Lightfoot in the middle of Soldiers with Chief and Dave. 4-1 odds this somehow ends in a punt pass and kick. Godspeed boys.