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Kevin Hart Tells Story About How Kobe Bryant Used Only His Left Hand For An Entire Basketball Camp And Obviously Still Dominated Everyone

Longtime Stoolie Kevin Hart telling Kobe Bryant stories is certainly a welcome addition to my quarantine. 

This one is about back in the day when Hart played a little ball himself and ended up at a summer camp with Kobe. I guess he had some pretty legit hoop dreams back then, but one weekend of Mamba destroying you with only his off-hand will start to make you consider maybe a career in comedy or something. 

Kobe Bryant approached the camp to only work on his left hand.He never shot the ball with his right hand, he never dribbled the ball with his right hand. Kobe Bryant played us left-handed. The opportunity that I thought was gonna be the biggest of my life turned out to be a goddamn practice pad for Kobe Bryant.