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The Queen Wears a Perfect, Photoshop-Ready Green Dress. The Internet Does Disappoint

Leadership is the ultimate "eye of the beholder" abstract concept. It means different things to different people. Throughout much of civilization, in order to run a kingdom or a nation, you had to be able to ride a horse and lead men in battle. In the 20th century, it meant being able to deliver a great speech. In the latter part of the century, it required looking good on television. If there is one necessary trait that connotes effective leadership, it's giving to the people what they need most in a given moment. Optimism when times are bleak. Courage when they are fearful. Hope when they are hopeless. 

And in the Social Media Age, what the people need more than anything is something to make fun of. Queen Elizabeth understands this. So she decided now is the perfect time to address her loyal subjects in a dress the color of green screen, thus providing the Photoshop artists the perfect canvas upon which to create. 

Challenge accepted.

From the original artist:

Star Trek: TNG:

The white trash American look:

The attack on the Death Star II:

As expected, the TARDIS:

The Sex Pistols:

Entirely inappropriate but I'm not excluding them, because I'm a child:

Helen Mirren?:

Every 90s kids' rug:

The Queen as a Philosophy major with $200K in student loan debt:

And it wouldn't be 2020 without the inevitable:

So thank you, Your Royal Highness. Thanks, @rockpapercynic and all the people who didn't pass up the opportunity presented. And to the entire government of the United States, from Congress to the Covid-19 Task Force, you know what we need you to do.