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Dim The Lights And Get The Candles Going Because This Eric Lindros Shift Will Be The Sexiest Thing You Watch All Day

I don't care who you are or how much you might hate the city of Philadelphia--the hockey world was ROBBED by not getting a full, healthy career out of Eric Lindros. This 50-second clip is all you need to see to know that he could have gone down as the most physically dominant guy to ever play the game. Yes, I'm very much aware that he never learned to skate with his head up. Yes, I'm very much aware that having to play against Scott Stevens at least 4 times a year when murder was still legal in the game didn't help. But when he was healthy and didn't have a legitimate psychopath flying around the ice looking to rip people's skulls off of their body?

An absolute specimen. He'd bully the shit out of you in the corners. Play keep away for a while without his stick because he was just so much bigger, stronger and better than everybody else. And then just for good measure, he'd stuff one in the back of the net just because he was ready for his shift to be over. The only flaw in Lindros' game is that he was born about 20 years too early. Just imagine that size and skill in the post-lockout game. Out of all the "what if" careers, you gotta put Lindros up there at the top. 

P.S. - Full breakdown of the Lindros trade tree coming up later this week.