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Floyd Mayweather's Smoke Daughter Is In Hot Water For Stabbing Her Man's Side Piece

Daily Beast - Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna was arrested Saturday in Houston for allegedly stabbing a woman at rapper NBA Youngboy’s house with two knives. Mayweather arrived at the home Saturday morning and confronted the woman, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, declaring herself his fiance before moving to the kitchen, grabbing knives, and attacking, according to TMZ. The alleged victim was taken to the hospital. 

I don't have any more details than you guys. I just know that getting cheated on during quarantine has to suck. Like of all the times to want some faithful dick, you'd put quarantine at the top of the list. So just imagine your disgust walking in on your man getting his helmet washed while you're out picking up the XL thin crust with the 8-piece boneless/2-liter of Dew combo. I'd be fucking pissed too. Probably might even stab a bitch myself. 

You gotta believe NBA Fuckboy or whatever must have some serious cherries hanging in the sack attached to his dick to pull this off. I'd put Floyd Mayweather on a short list of most terrifying fathers to cross. Obviously yes because he'd knock your head off your shoulders. But more because his entourage would actually murder you. That's the kind of loyalty you buy with cold hard cash and something tells me a guy named Money has paid those bills.

Follow up question - does a girls stabbing another girl do it for you even just a little bit? Where I'm from we call that Passion and you can't put a price tag on it. So while I don't want to get murdered, I don't mind a little extra kink. Some circles I actually prefer it so long as you don't draw my blood. Kind of a toss up so let's go to the tape.