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Watch Ben Simmons Realize He Could Get Fined For Tampering As He Was Practically Begging Devin Booker To Become A Sixer

Who me? It wasn't me! I was just reading my stream. In no way do I want this knockdown shooter to join my team that desperately needs more shooting. Nope, I don't want a young All-Star to join me. Please don't take this serious, it was Pierce who said it. 

Remember, Devin Booker refused to play with the Suns (via 2k, but still). The Suns are just a mess considering 26-39 was a pleasant surprise for this team. 

I'll say this and perhaps it's just being stuck inside that's making me think this way. I'm fascinated by these NBA guys hopping on Twitch, IG Live and everything like that all the time now. They are 100% going to say something that could be tampering or shit that just shouldn't be said all the time. We're coming up on a month of quarantine and people are starting to lose their goddamn minds - myself included. Feel like we need to just open up all tampering, no rules - shit, we already have no drug testing right now. 

Also just keep Devin Booker away from the Sixers please.