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Wake Up With Jim Everett Attacking Jim Rome On TV

An ALL-TIME moment in this history of sports television. Jim Rome pushing the limits of how big of an asshole he can be directly to a guy's face. They got into a do-it-you-wont-off on live TV and Jim Everett decided he couldn't have his bluff called or else he really would be a Chrissy Everett. I feel like this has to be every athletes dream. To take some pencil neck geek who thinks he's hot shit and knows everything just because he sits at a computer or in front of a TV camera and throw that geek to the ground in 1.2 seconds. It'll probably never happen again. Nobody is as obnoxious as a young Jim Rome and the world is too litigious in 2020. It's a shame. There's a long list of media types I would like to see get what is coming to them. A quick snap by a world class athlete to reset the balance and let people know what's what. No real physical harm done. Just a quick take down and a viral video. Let me know in the comment section who you'd most like to see get the Chris Everett treatment.