WrestleMania Wound Up Being A Nice Splash of Entertainment When We Needed It Most

Night Two of WrestleMania just wrapped up on the WWE Network, and while the show never quite felt like WrestleMania on either night, I wound up being really pleasantly surprised with the product they delivered, and I think many others are feeling the same way.

Last night, we saw a great Kofi/Miz/Morrison ladder match, an awesome Kevin Owens/Seth Rollins brawl, and then the wackiest, worst, most ridiculous, silly, yet AMAZING fight sequence of all time in The Undertaker vs AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match. It was like the cheesiest horror movie of all time - and it ruled. It was a hell of a lot better than anything Taker could've done for us in the ring at this point, so I'm all for this being the way they utilize him in the future.

Tonight, we had a pretty entertaining show all-around, featuring another absurd but tremendous acid-trip type scene that acted as the "match" between John Cena vs The Fiend, a long/drawn-out slobberknocker of a Last Man Standing between Edge and Randy Orton, some great singles matches (including Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley), and even the crowning of Drew McIntyre as our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! It was fun!

We streamed both nights in full (6+ hours!) with a pretty big crew which was a blast, and you can still watch those below...

…but if you're interested in a more condensed, overall recap of the show - we will have that for ya tomorrow on My Mom's Basement featuring Carrabis and Brandon Walker. I'm really excited to record that. Plus, we'll be joined by a very special guest for an interview you are NOT gonna want to miss!

If you've got any questions/comments, leave 'em below and we'll read some off on the show!

Have a good night everybody. Talk tomorrow!