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I Am A Man And Will Admit That I Lost Us The First Round Matchup In The Ballina Cup Even Though I Probably Hit The Same Amount Of Cups As Marty Mush

Not making any excuses. This is an excuse-free blog. We came in hot and ready to go.

I sent Morgan and Hardy some Zillion Beers merch for them to wear and Morgan came back and burned the merch. Point 1 goes to team Irrelevant Country Singers. 

Game One took about 17 million hours. And we had a lot of fun. We both missed our last cup for about 42 straight turns. Again no excuses, but I wanted to build up drama and let the fans have fun while nothing is going on during quarantine.

1-0 good guys. We made a side bet. Something to do with Zillion Beers and country music. Always marketing. 

We lost. Whatever. A win for the Marketing Genius.

This clip doesn't do us justice. We won like 500000 thousand times and blew it when blow came to blow in overtime. No excuses again. I am the Beer Guy and I wanted to build suspense by allowing a game 3. And we lost game 3. Maybe because I'm building suspense for them to bring us back into the tournament somehow. I dont know. Who knows. Just don't question the marketing genius. 

No comment. But if I were to comment I would say remember the time I made you 1.5 million dollars in like 3 days. Don't worry I'll create my own beer pong tournament in the next few weeks and make us a zillion dollars because that's what good employees do.

Whatever. I don't care at all. Whatsoever. This wasn't the defining moment in my life at all.