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Devin Booker Basically Admits The Suns Are Ass And Refuses To Play With Them In The 2K Tournament

When this tournament first started I thought it would have been way cooler if everyone who participated had to use their own team to try and win the whole thing. I didn't really factor in the reality that there could be some players who under no circumstances would run with their real life teammates. Enter Devin Booker. You know, the face of the Suns franchise and someone who is going to be in PHX for quite a while

didn't even give his team a second of thought. In fact he laughed at the idea, which I have to say is pretty funny. That was an instant no the second MPJ uttered the words. That's a man that knows his teammates are ass (even though Ayton, Rubio, Baynes are good) and actually wanted to have a shot in this 2K tournament. I bet Suns fans don't even disagree which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. I would bet that because we're all going crazy with no sports, someone like Max Kellerman is going to take this clip tomorrow and talk about how Booker wants out of PHX. Book it. Maybe that's true, but maybe he knows better than anyone that the Suns lineup doesn't have what it takes to win this tournament. It seemed like a good idea too since he pulled out the win

but I have to admit, I have run out of steam pretty quickly when it comes to this 2K tournament. I didn't expect to, but after watching Durant's game I really haven't cared all that much. Patrick Beverley talking shit was funny, but other than that I haven't loved it like I thought I would. Now that can all change in an instant if we're going to get more players openly shitting on their own team like Booker here. At least that's somewhat entertaining. 

I'm sure this will go over well with his teammates. Whatever, he's not wrong.