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Nothin But Net

Absolutely mesmerizing. Now, I don’t typically like to be forward but if I’m taking ole Otis Redding’s advice and sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away and I see some little sex pot handling a net this large, I might be willing to give him a jump.

That’s a dude who knows how to provide. That’s a dude who has spent years perfecting his craft of net throwin. That’s a dude who will absolutely have more shrimp than ole Bubba and Forrest would have dreamt about while they were leaning their heads up against each other so they didn’t have to sleep with their heads in the mud. Stingin rain and what have you. You know the drill. “I wanna go home, Forrest.”

Me too, Bubba. Damn. 

Anyway, maybe I’ll hop on amazon and order a net to practice while I have time. I’d love to show the boys at the bayou a few new tricks the next time I’m down in the swamp shootin gators and crushing beignets whilst slingin big nets. That’s Louisiana livin, y’all.

Arrives May 22? Shrimp season will be over by then. Coronavirus ruins EVERYTHING! FUCK.

Oh well. At least we have Sunday Night Baseball and a fresh shrimp cocktail.