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I Am Addicted to Looking at Weird Baseball Field Dimensions

I have no idea why this thread is so mesmerizing, but I could look at these all day and be entertained. My quarantine brain just wants any sort of sports-adjacent content at all and it will feel like it's watching Game 7 of the World Series.

I would give anything to have some Major Leaguers get together similar to what Trevor Bauer put together a few weeks ago and play a game on one of these fields. How many people would watch Christian Yelich face off against Josh Hader at The Hook right now? You could charge me $20 to watch a real baseball game right now and I'd do it in a heartbeat; playing it on one of these fields is just an added bonus.

All of these high school fields are fun and quirky to look at, but the one in this thread that caught my eye the most was the University of Texas from a few decades ago. The Longhorns just had a cliff in center field and the top of it was still in play.

Imagine parking one up onto the center field cliff and just trotting around the bases as the center fielder prays it comes down. Now that's a baseball field.

But here's an idea I can really get behind: sports on the roof.

This is right across the river from New York City, so space is obviously at a premium. But this is American ingenuity. I want more schools to do this just because it's fun as hell. Sports on the ground have been done for centuries; we play on the roof now.

I miss sports.

I have also been spending an unGODly amount of time on Twitch.  We are live now so tune in if ya'll wanna see the parade

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