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The Patriots Gave New Meaning to 'Truck Day'

NY Post - It took a global pandemic to finally put Jets and Patriots fans on the same team.

A tractor-trailer emblazoned with the New England NFL squad’s name rolled into enemy territory Friday on a mission of mercy, as it pulled up to the Javits Center to drop off a huge supply of N95 respirator masks that were purchased from China by the franchise’s owner. ...

Team owner Robert Kraft said he would be donating 300,000 masks to the city to battle the coronavirus.

He and his family spent $2 million on an order of 1.7 million masks and had them flown on a team plane from China. Kraft is also sending masks to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. ...

The remaining 500,000 masks will be delivered in a second shipment.

“Seeing what’s going on and how things are so difficult, this is a gift of ours, these 300,000 masks and the transportation to the people of New York,” Kraft said during an appearance on NBC New York.

I could state the obvious, that my Mr. Kraft has now added to his lengthy list of titles such as Mogul, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Ambassador, Empire Builder, A-list Celebrity and Close Personal Friend of Mine, the honorific "Hero." But now is not the time for that. Now is the time for doing what's right. For bridging the gaps that once divided us and remembering that we are all threads in the same social fabric, our lives woven together with each other's in a way that makes us all stronger.

I'm sure it wasn't in the NY Post's plan for 2020 to be thanking the Kraft family and the organization they lead on their front cover. Especially given what they've been saying about them since RKK bought the team 25 years ago. But challenging times such as these make strange bedfellows. We could look at this as a sign the End Days are finally upon us, or we can embrace it. Enjoy this bit of positivity and hope shining in the darkness. At least such time as things return to normal and we can all get back to the NY tabs talking about the Patriots like they're the spawn of Satan. Which, to be perfectly honest, is better for all of us. 

Let's also remember this day. And hope that it inspires John Henry's Red Sox to stop with their Truck Day nonsense once and for all. 

I mean, it's been stupid for a long time. But after the Patriots truck went through a city in distress on a mission of mercy bringing desperately needed PPE relief supplies, celebrating another truck bringing cases of water and sunflower seeds and sign stealing equipment to Florida will look pretty goddamned ridiculous.