Embrace Debate: Who Is To Blame For This Spilled Drink? White Or Black Suit?

This is one of those situations that I am surprised there is really any controversy. You watch it once and there is only one person to blame....the woman in the white swimsuit. 

In high school, I had a basketball coach who would always "KYP" at us. That stood for "know your personnel." It's a common phrase in sports and I'm sure you may have it heard it before. If not, it basically comes down to knowing who you are on the court with. If you're the PG, you need to know if the unit you're on the floor with. If your 3-point shooter is on the bench for the time being, you need to play that possession differently than you would if he was on the floor. 

The white suit didn't know her personnel, or should I say her surroundings/situation. You're at a crowded pool, which looks to be in Vegas. People are walking all around you. Ideally, nobody would walk near you, but guess what reality isn't? Ideal. You just can't be doing this:

On TikTok, we posted this video on our account with a poll. Here were the results:

Who knows....maybe I'm just the crazy one.