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Weekend Wake Up: Scott Van Pelt Making Tim Kurkjian Cry Laughing

Good things always seem to happen when two of the most liked people in sports get together. Scott Van Pelt and Tim Kurkjian are two local Maryland boys and always seem to have a good time when they're on each others show. It normally starts off with some good questions in the beginning, Timmy K spouting off baseball knowledge that no one else knows, SVP digging deep and getting Timmy to open up. Then you can feel the tides turning. It's like a tidal wave, Tim sees it coming a mile away and there isn't a thing he can do about it. Van Pelt whips out that Baltimore accent and Kurkjian can't hold in the laughter. He can barely form a sentence, let alone respond to the question from SVP. This was from last week where Van Pelt just rattled off a lineup for Kurkjian, all in his classic Bmore accent. Who's better than these guys?

Now say it with me.... "BAR tooooooooooooe loww Cooooooo loannnnnn"

Here are some other gems from them.