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Neighbors Jealous, As Florida Man Thinks Of Hanging Mega Toilet Paper Roll Outside His House First

Here at Hard Factor News we do what's called "Florida Man Friday" where once a week, on FRIDAY, we cover all the best and most fucked up stories from the Sunshine State. You can read some other great ones here that Hard Factor Mark shared. And they just keep coming folks, so let's keep Florida Man Friday Alive! ARTICLE & VIDEO HERE

My God this is classic Florida Man, just fantastic! 

“I think the whole idea is crazy; the toilet paper phenomenon,” Donald Ryan told the local news, so he decided to do this, to mock the whole situation and give everyone a hearty laugh, promote his arts and crafts business "Who Wood Wonder", and probably to attract strange women to his front lawn....

“Of course it’s the most important thing. You’re gonna laugh, or you’re gonna drive yourself crazy,” Ryan said and I couldn't agree more!

The spectacle brought out supporters, haters, and comedians on Twitter.

Me too, Emilio, me too!

So thank you David, and thank you Florida, you make us all look fantastic and we love you!

Have a great fucking day!