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Rangers Pitcher James Jones Tore His Patellar Tendon And Is Out For The Year After Tripping Over His Kid's Toys While In Quarantine

MLB- Rangers left-handed pitcher James Jones suffered a freak injury and underwent surgery on Wednesday to repair a torn patellar tendon in his right knee. He is expected to be sidelined until Spring Training next year. 

Jones suffered the injury when he tripped over one of his son’s toys while he and his family remained in Arizona after Spring Training was suspended. Jones was in big league camp on a non-roster invite before being returned to the Minor Leagues on March 11.

I know this is the time of year where we usually roll our eyes at baseball players for missing time because they blew out their back with a sneeze (Sammy Sosa), injured their elbow playing too much Guitar Hero (Joel Zumaya), or dislocated their shoulder trying to rip a fucking phone book in half (Steve Sparks). But I am not going to give James Jones any shit for turning his patellar tendon to spaghetti by stepping on his kid's toys. You know why? Because this injury is muchhhh more on coronavirus than it is on kids being messy or baseball players' careers being in a Final Destination movie every time they breathe. 

Every parent knows that it's hard enough to keep an organized house simply having a kid in the house. No matter how much you pick up after them, they are instantly shitting all over the house (sometimes literally). But once they are inside 24/7 because of a nationally mandated quarantine, it's pure chaos. Survivor rules only. You can clean your house up from top to bottom and put every toy back where it belongs. But the minute the kid wakes up from his nap and gets his hands on his toys, you are instantly back to living in a fully booby trapped McCallister house. I was on Instagram Live with KFC last week and his apartment looked like a toy bomb had exploded along with chunks of donuts that his kids just threw on the floor because kids are kids. It was a kiddie crackhouse scene mere hours after I had talked to him in the same apartment that was clean as a whistle.

So get well James and don't worry, we'll chalk this ridiculous baseball injury up to that bitch boy covid's doing instead of baseball players being the most brittle athletes on the planet.