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Diane Is Pissed And Ready To Blow A Gasket

Fuckin a, man. Fuckin a. Diane is like angry version of longtime stoolie Tim the Tool Man Taylor’s neighbor whose name escapes me but he’s behind the fence all the time and you can’t see his face lol. Hilarious.

Anyway, I think Diane is normally as even flow as they come. She’s chill. She’s aloof. She’s currently quarantined which is a totally different Diane. She’s stewing in her house like a stew just looking at this fella’s overgrown plant life. Unbecoming. Disgusting. TRIM YOUR SHIT, DUDE!

He had an excuse before the shutdown but after? He’s got nothing but time unless of course he’s a doctor or nurse. If he is, Diane was way over the line and should immediately apologize. That’s what I’ve said all along. The good doctor didn’t deserve this type of treatment from Diane who might be on edge because she’s a doctor and feeling stressed. If that’s the case, I apologize.

Just let me be clear, I apologize to both of these surgeons without whom I’d personally be dead.