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Red Light Camera Companies' Revenues Have Plummeted With Social Distancing- It'd Be a Real Shame If They All Had To Shut Down For Good

As Americans stay home to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, they're driving fewer miles.

That's great news for everyone: Air pollution is falling, crashes are down, and there's no blood-pressure inducing congestion. Well, almost everyone. For the companies that operate drivers' most-hated devices — red light cameras — it's causing a headache.

Redflex, an Australian company that operates "traffic safety programs" in roughly 100 US and Canadian cities, warned that less traffic and suspended construction amid the pandemic will be a stress on its balance sheet. Shares of Redflex, which trade in Australia, are down 46% since the beginning of the year.

There have been a ton of people across the globe deeply impacted by the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Millions have lost their jobs and are left in a state of turmoil. The sports world has been put on pause. Bars, restaurants, etc are at risk of having to close for good with no customers on the horizon for months. With all of that in mind there was one lucrative business we didn't think about being the real losers of coronavirus: the red light camera industry. Robots. 

It turns out when people actually obey the rules of social distancing they stay inside. That means way less vehicle traffic on the streets and less people committing traffic violations. The red light cameras designed to terrorize our lives are right now of no use. Redflex, a major player in the industry, is down 46% in shares since the pandemic started. You have to wonder if they may go out of business entirely when this is all said and done. That'd be a real shame huh? Truly devastating. 

BURN EVERY RED LIGHT CAMERA TO THE GROUND! *once we're allowed to go outside again

If there is one positive we get out of this pandemic it's that these god forsaken machines are destroyed forever. The people responsible for the creation of these things should be tried in courts of the highest order. They're criminals. And of course fuck robots.