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Nate Must Have A Content Death Wish

Well, well, well. 

What do we have here?

From reading his last blog it seems like the Nate Dogg is a tad perturbed. He's mad that someone wasn't scared to say what we all were thinking, that the "Models in Quarantine" franchise is a fraud. I guess I'd be upset too if someone came along and poked holes in my passion project like it was a 15-year old earlobe at Claire's (in the mall). 

Well I'll tell you this... From now on the Dogg better keep my name and inability to read defenses out of his mouth or I will—and this is a PROMISE—I will mercilessly destroy everything that he's worked so tirelessly to build with his new flagpole franchise. I will douse this daily content in unleaded gasoline and flick a half smoked Marlboro Red on it just to watch his face during "Thursday Afternoon Roof Talk" as it goes up in flames. I will find every plot hole. I will find every continuity error. I will put my life and career on the line to make sure "Models in Quarantine" never sees a 17th episode, let alone a season two. I didn't want it to come to this point, but he's left me no choice.

Nate Dogg, consider yourself warned.