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'I Fully Expect To Be Playing Basketball In November' - Coach Cal Giving All Of Us A Glimmer Of Hope Here

Fuck it. I'll take ANY glimmer of hope I can get right now to be watching sports again. If Coach Cal fully expects to be playing basketball in November, then I fully expect to be watching basketball in November. Don't get me wrong. Step 1 is flattening the curve and being smart. That shouldn't have to be said.

Step 2 though? Give us sports back as soon as we can. Thank God for horse racing right now, but I need basketball. We need football. And I know November sounds so goddamn far away, but that's where we are right now. We're talking about football being delayed. Shit, Kentucky and Michigan had to make a decision by June about whether or not they'd play in London in hoops in December. December! 

It was announced earlier this week/late last week (does it really matter? Time doesn't mean shit right now) that they are going forward and playing the game in London. Awesome! Now everyone stay the fuck home so we can get sports back. You love sports? Sit your ass in your house. 

Shout out UK for doing something and building hospital beds inside of Nutter Field House: