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Ryan Pace Continues To Sound Like A Guy With ZERO Plans

Okay, mhmm, good. You like to hear that. You want to have competition. That makes things fair and gives the Bears a better chance to be successful in theory. Here is what Pace said just two months ago

And this is where you wish Pace and the Bears were more like Belichick. Just lean into the microphone and say "Seattle". I HATE the way the Bears go about their business. The hold a press conference with no major announcements and then fire the OC and OL coach minutes after the media session concludes. They say they're committed to Mitch, then explore options with every QB under the sun. They trade draft assets when they don't have any when they could've signed a theoretically better QB for nothing. Then competition. It just feels like, once again, the Bears have no plans. No direction. No conviction. It's the "I'm not an idiot" way of doing business when everything suggests the opposite. Drives me insane. Even if they do have a plan, they certainly don't know how to handle the media. It's just another area of blatant imcompetence. Along with drafting, coaching, and free agency. 

An extra wild card spot, hopefully improved QB play, and a softer schedule will hopefully add up to a playoff spot, but everything that has happened in the last 12 months has made the Bears look like morons. It needs to stop. Just stop talking.