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Matt Nagy & Ryan Pace Officially Confirm That The Bears Will Have An Open QB Competition

Well, there you have it.

When the Bears traded for Foles a couple weeks ago it instantly made people think that the Mitch era was over right then and there and that Foles was going to be the starter from Day 1. It also had others thinking that Foles was a true back up and was brought in just in case shit hits in the fan with Trubisky around Week 5 or so we can pull the plug.

Turns out neither were true and we have a good old fashioned QB battle on our hands if Pace/Nagy are telling the truth. Now, when asked about whether they were going to pick up Mitch's fifth year option they were still pretty mum on it:

My gut says that they're not going to do it given that it would commit a shit ton of money to the Quarterback position in 2021 with a ton of uncertainty if either guy is worth a shit. I do think that they will give Mitch a true shot as Pace's job is very tied to the Bears being good this year/the final verdict of Mitchell Trubisky. I'm also now very hyped for training camp (if it ever happens) as it doesn't get any more exciting than a QB competition!*

*I'd imagine it would be much more exciting if you have a good QB that you know will be playing for your team for an extended period of time, but I don't know how that feels and it's very upsetting/depressing/awful/terrible/bad.