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Play By Play of Josie Dog The 15 Year Old Basset Hound Going For Her Morning Walk Is Fantastic

Viva la Josie!

Shout out to Jenks for some nice wholesome dog walking content in these trying times. I'll tell you what though, this video just reignited the "you should get a dog right now" and "you aren't ready for a dog yet" debate that's been going on in my brain for the last 3 weeks.

As some of you know, I've been debating getting a dog during this whole thing. I talk about it a lot on Roof Talk, every day at 2pm. On one hand, I never imagined I'd be 31 years old and without a dog of my own. On the other hand, I don't want a dog in a NYC apartment. I'd feel bad not being able to give it space to run around and play fetch. I want a back yard and more than 500 square feet of apartment space. But on the other hand, any dog that needs to be rescued will be happier with me in my apartment than where it currently is. So I go back and forth and honestly it's stressful.