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Biggest Freak Shows In History

The Twisted History podcast on freak shows is now available. A lot of great names are thrown around in the episode, but these are my personal favorite 

Ohio Big Foot Lady: Not the greatest thing in the world for Fanny Mills, the Ohio Big Foot Lady, to have Millroy's Disease, but I love a name that hits the nail right on the head. She is the lady from Ohio with the big feet. 

Edouard Beaupré:  At 8'3'' he was nicknamed the Willow Bunch Giant. The Before the NBA, If you were  over 7 feet tall, there was no need for a center who can bang for boards in the paint, so instead of joining the league, you went and joined a circus. If you were a star attraction as a human oddity in a succesful circus, no joke, you would have been paid like a star NBA player.  I'm not sure what other benefits being tall had before basketball when the average height was like 5'1, but people will always enjoy starring at towering objects. 

Jo Jo The Dog Faced Boy:  Would be a tough life just being known as the kid having a dog face, but JoJo embraced it with an all time name and an all time look. 

What was billed as The Man With Two Heads, was in actuality a man who would dress up his tumor. The tumor was so lifelike, people would come for miles to gawk and see if they could spot which was real and fake. Can you spot the real one?