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Billy McFarland Is Starting A Crowd-Funding Project To Collect Money Because "Coronavirus Is Driving Families Apart"

“Coronavirus is driving families apart . . . and visits are canceled across every federal prison,” McFarland says. “I’m launching an initiative called Project-315 to bring together and connect in-need inmates and their families who are affected by coronavirus. We’re going to pay for calls for as many incarcerated people across the country as possible.”

I'll take "Bullshit" for 800, Alex! Not a fucking chance in hell am I donating money to Billy McFarland's crowd-funding project. Yeah, it does sound like a good-hearted idea to connect prisoners with their family members when visitations are closed, but fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I would need some good, hard, solid evidence that shows me that Billy McFarland isn't going to misuse my money for me to donate to him after the bullshit he pulled with Fyre Fest.

Oh wait, here's some!

Prison, he says, has changed him.

Do you promise, Billy? Do you swear? 

Look, maybe two years in the slammer has given him a new perspective on life. Great! But I have a strict policy that once you defraud investors of anything over $25 million, I no longer give you money. And unfortunately for Billy, he made fake documents to get people to lend him $26 million, just one million over my threshold! So yeah, Billy, come out of the clink in four more years and become a pastor. Teach impoverished children. Go do missionary work. But I think your time as the point man on crowd-sourced projects may be over.

“It’s totally reasonable that people would think this is a scam. The good thing is, this isn’t for me — it’s for the families of inmates, who are suffering because of what their loved ones did.”