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I Finally Figured Out TikTok - It's Just Like 'The Challenge' And Oregon Softball Is Not Quitting

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know all the ins and outs of TikTok. I just know it's the future and something I need to learn, but as a 32-year old father it's tough not to feel like the how do you fellow kids meme when talking TikTok. That said, I saw and read JackMac's blog yesterday about a TikTok house rivalry: 

Got my attention. You toss the words roster and rivals and it makes my ears perk up. Why? It reminds me of The Challenge at this point (subscribe to No Quitters, we're back). Is some of The Challenge staged? Absolutely. But are there bitter rivals? Just say the words Wes and Bananas to someone and you'll understand. Much like The Challenge, TikTok is the future. It's here. You can say you hate it, don't understand it or whatever. But, it's like analytics in sports. It's here. 

But much like The Challenge, enter Oregon softball. Are they in The Hype House (Real World) or Clubhouse (Road Rules)? Nope. They are the new version of The Challenge with people from Are You The One, Big Brother, all those British shows, etc. They are doing monster numbers. Look at that TikTok tweet I posted. 44k likes! Shit we wrote about Oregon softball TikTok's before: 

They are just doing numbers! I need an Oregon softball plus Stool Team 6 crossover the moment this quarantine is over. 

Whoever of these girls are seniors need to be cashing in on TikTok right now. The NCAA can't touch you! Start making that money.