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Time Has Become So Meaningless These Days That Emily Ratajkowski's Life Is No Different From Ours

As I write this blog at 5:15 in the morning I think for the first time in my lifetime Emily Ratajkowski can relate to people like myself. For the 6th or 7th straight night I sat in bed, checked my phone, and saw 5:00 am appear on the screen. I can't escape it. It's flat out depressing because it continues to mean absolutely nothing. 

I'm not even close to being tired. What's there to be tired from? I either sit in bed or sit on my couch the entire day. I don't watch any form of live sports so my stress levels are way down and I can't get tired that way. The biggest change in my daily life is who Serena is hooking up with in the current episode of Gossip Girl that I'm on. Time, clocks, days, they've all been rendered useless because some guy ate a fucking bat. It's not just our clocks. It's Ratajkowski's clock. Tom Cruise's clock. LeBron James' clock. All useless and irrelevant. What do those people do differently than us on any given day? They eat food, they watch TV/movies, maybe they exercise, and they drink. Okay maybe they're having some awesome quarantine sex, but PornHub Premium is free so that's the same thing basically. For the most part they're all bored out of their goddamn minds just like us. We're all in the same boat and it's fucked up. 

What's the difference between 3pm, 7pm, or 4am anymore? What's the difference between Monday or Friday? I didn't even know it was Friday until I checked my Spotify and saw that there was a whole new version of 'New Music Friday.' There's nothing to look forward to and there's seemingly no end in sight of the unknown. It feels like we're all in our own fucked up version of purgatory in the show Lost. 

What's the point of this blog? Nothing. It's meaningless, just like time and what day of the week it is right now. We're currently living in the craziest time of our entire lives. That includes you Mrs. Ratajkowski.

Stay home so I can one day regain my sanity.