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Sometimes You Gotta Do Your Best Best Uncle Rico Impression To Stay In Shape...Who's Next?

Gotta get creative in today's virus filled world. These minor league baseball players, like Orioles prospect Grayson Rodriguez, don't have access to all the amenities and weight rooms like they used to have when they're in Spring Training. Gotta make anything work, like a huge lake in East Texas. That's exactly what Rodriguez did to get his long toss in. He maintained a good distance from anyone else, and then decided to play catch across this lake. I mean, thats like a 300 foot toss with barely any gather or crow hop? Guy in the area code across the lake barely had to move to get the ball too, basically dropped it in the bucket. Grayson long tossing over a lake reminded me of Uncle Rico thinking he could throw a ball a 1/4 mile and over them there mountains too. This is how I want my future aces training. Forget spin rate and breaking down video, give me a guy who can throw some leather clear over a massive lake. Pray for the rest of the AL East if he's doing this just for fun, also pray for his elbow cuz this SCREAMS Tommy John.