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Wake Up With A Bunch of Splash Down Homers Into The Diamondbacks' Pool

One of the best things in baseball is the Diamondbacks having a pool just beyond right center field. I'm a big fan of the splash hits in Pittsburgh and San Fran, but the pool in Arizona hits different. I think Miami has a pool in the nightclub in left, but the fact that people regularly hit the ball into the pool in the desert is awesome. A few years back the Dodgers won the division in Arizona, and even thought they were asked not to, they hopped the fence and celebrated IN the pool. I love that move, just throw your own damn pool party. And this pool isn't just for looks. You have full on families out there risking getting smoked by a ball just so they could play sharks and minnows in the Diamondbacks' pool. I think I need more pools in baseball, can never have enough pools. Probably some nice talent out there too. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends.