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Basement Talk: The top 5 fictional athletes of all-time

I took the long approach to this one tonight because I'm dedicated to wasting an hour of my night every single night talking to strangers in my basement.

We're gonna go by sport here, and I am prepared for disagreement for two reasons. No. 1 is that I'm an idiot, no. 2 is that there's a ton of guys who could be here.


5. Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Yes it's his real name but the character was fictional)

4. Billy Hoyle - White Men Can't Jump

3. Jesus Shuttlesworth - He Got Game

2. Jimmy Chitwood - Hoosiers

1. Tommy Sheppard - Above The Rim


5. Dottie Hinson - A League of Their Own (points deducted for dropping the ball in Game 7 on purpose.)

4. Ricky Vaughn - Major League

3. Bennie "The Jet" Rodriguez - The Sandlot

2. Roy Hobbs - The Natural

1. Crash Davis - Bull Durham


5. Willie Beamen - Any Given Sunday

4. Becky "The Ice Box" O'Shea - Little Giants

3. Alvin Mack - The Program

2. Rod Tidwell - Jerry Maguire

1. Bobby Boucher - The Waterboy

Note: I didn't watch FNL the series, Tim Riggins fans.