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Handball 17' Is A Real Life Video Game And I'm Going To Find Out What It's All About On The PMT Twitch Channel

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In case you missed it yesterday, Pardon My Take made a twitch account & we are in the process of planning a consistent content schedule. Between myself, & Ria, Duggs Cat & PFT playing different games, horse races, peloton workouts, GOT recaps & more there is plenty of content to be made during this quarantine, no promises about keeping up the consistency after. Anyway I was asking the good people on to send me ideas and someone tweeted me this 

I chuckled at first glance, thinking someone took the time to photoshop this together to look like a real game. Upon second glance I realized that the person was either a wizard at photoshop and made the cover look that good or this was a real game and lough and behold upon searching the internet I made a discovery 

I was sold, instantly downloaded it and am about to hop on the sticks and start my new handball career. Tune in and if you know anything about handball please hop in the chat cause I don't know shit