Big Thanks To The Handstand Challenge For Tom Holland* And Jake Gyllenhaal Thirst Traps And Ryan Reynolds

Some of us have been in our tiny apartments in NYC for quite some time, alone, all alone, wondering if men were still a thing. Do they still exist? Did they ever exist? These are the kind of thoughts that can drive a person crazy if left unanswered, but they're also questions that can't be answered with words. They're strictly "show me, don't tell me" territory. 

Well, thanks to Tom Mullens* Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ryan Reynolds, those potentially dooming questions have been answered.  

Tom reminds us traps/lats/delts/biceps/pecs/abs are not just real, but can be rather bulging when being utilized to stand on one hand. Even with the assistance of a wall. 

Tom - in the interest of thoroughly curing all ill serving doubts - then challenges Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to do the same. 

Jake doubles down on the existence of the previously mentioned anatomy and adds the finishing touch of a smile that has jussssst the right amount of something you can't quite put your finger on, but you like. 

And lastly Ryan Reynolds, well, there's only one Ryan Reynolds and he's enough with or without his shirt on. 

(Although, it wouldn't have killed him to say no with his shirt off. Just sayin'.)

****Did the title previously say "Tom Mullens?" Yup. Is that the name of one of our producers here at Barstool? Yup. Is it sexual harassment if I accidentally replaced the name of a half-naked movie star with one of my co-workers? 

Not if he found it funny! Right????