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Fall River Stand Up! There's A New Documentary About Our FBI Indicted Former Mayor, Jasiel Correia

I blogged this story when Jasiel Correia got arrested, the dude seems just hilariously corrupt. Corrupt to the point where you kinda have to respect it. Like he wakes up in the morning, showers, gets dressed, then winks at himself in the mirror as he walks out the door and says, "It's crime time, baby!" It's another W for Fall River who is just in an endless, Charlie Sheen-esque cycle of "winning."

The documentary starts in November 2018 and features a couple of FBI arrests and indictments, a recall election, and this dude just straight up refusing to leave his office. Going all Wolf of Wall Street on everybody's ass. I don't know how you make a documentary before the story is done because Correia hasn't even had his trial yet, but I guess that will be season two. It's 2020 afterall, documentaries don't really count unless there are 100 episodes. 

I suspect we all know how the trial is gonna go, though. That clip of Correia at the end is laugh out loud funny. "I'm innocent... I'm innocent until proven guilty." You know who adds a stipulation to "I'm innocent"? Guilty people. 

PS - I took a picture with this guy at a fundraiser probably 6 years ago or so. I'd like to again make it clear I do NOT support him. That's on me for not realizing he was a crook because it's really not that hard to notice, but I'm just too scared to say no to pictures. However, if someone can find it on his Facebook page (that's where he said it would be posted) I'd think that was funny.