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This Sad Version of The Masters Intro is a Grim Reminder of What We're Missing

Sweet jeebers, does this ever bring home how dark these days are. I mean, not nearly as much as any given minute of an actual newscast, but still. And not that the narration is the most spot-on Jim Nantz impression you're ever going to hear. But the point is made nevertheless. 

I've said this before and it bears repeating. Nantz' pretentious opening on Masters Sunday is my favorite minute of the sports year. Where he waxes poetic in a way that would make even Grantland Rice claw his way out of the grave to put an end to it. Using that deep, reverential baritone that he saves for this one monologue of the year. "Augusta, Georgia. As we turn down Magnolia Lane, the dogwoods and azaleas in bloom. The ghosts of champions past echo through the pines at Amen Corner. The Hogan Bridge takes us across Rae's Creek to the storied 12th green where so many legends have been made. Jones. Snead. Palmer. Nicklaus. Woods. Hello, friends ..." 

But instead, we're left with only this. More like the opening montage of an episode from Season 2 of "The Walking Dead." And a painful reminder of what we're giving up for the greater good. CBS had better make it up to us somehow. Give us six hours or so of great Masters final round moments. And if an hour of that is nothing more than Jim Nantz's purple prose coming to us from Butler Cabin, it still won't be enough.