The Last Spots In The Final Four Of The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time Tourney Are On The Line

Yesterday we had The Rock upset Hulk Hogan and advance to the Final Four, along with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair who defeated Bret "Hitman" Hart. Now we have two spots left and they will come from the Austin and Sammartino Regions. One of the matchups, Austin v. Michaels, I am very interested to see the results of, because it really comes down to popularity versus in ring talent. Let's dive right into it.

Austin Region: Elite Eight

(1) Steve Austin v. (3) Shawn Michaels

This really comes down to the question above, and it is how do you view this tournament? Is it most popular wrestler of all-time? Favorite wrestler of all-time? Or, is it best in-ring talent of all time? If it is the first question, Austin wins this matchup by a mile. If it is the second question, either could win. If it is the third question, Michaels wins easily. Steve Austin might have been the most over wrestler ever. Shawn Michaels might be the most talented wrestler to ever step in the ring. This is a matchup for the ages. My lean is Michaels.

Sammartino Region: Elite Eight

(9) Jake Roberts v. (3) Randy Savage

This is a great matchup and not one I anticipated seeing this late in the tournament. Roberts is an underrated performer and Savage, while he was in Hogan's shadow to some degree, was a legitimate number one star for the WWE and WCW for many years. These two guys are wrestler's wrestlers. They are guys who cared about the business and put time and energy into making their matches and angles believable and real. Two great performers that are certainly in the pantheon of the greats.