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These Two Older Folks Doing The Garage Door Beer Chug Challenge Are The Two Coolest Human Beings To Ever Walk The Earth

There it is. We have found them- The two coolest people to ever walk on this planet. Incredible. Nobody is cooler than this couple doing the garage door beer chug challenge. And they executed it perfectly. As he said, didn't even miss a drop.

I wish we saw more of m'lady, but still, just an incredible effort and video all around. 

It also made me wonder, is this a challenge going through the old folks homes? Here we are like IDIOTS doing pushups on Instagram, and then we see Gramma and Gramps challenging Barb at the end as if everyone knows about the garage door beer chug challenge! 

How stupid is our generation that we have been doing 10 pushups instead of chugging beers? Ugh. 

I don't have a garage door because I live in a 4th floor walk-up apartment where the rent is the same price as renting a 4 bedroom house with a pool in Vegas, so I've been doing the "drink a bottle of wine every night" challenge instead. Going pretty well so far. I challege @theentireworld to join me in this challenge. You're up!