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Recommended: Paul McCartney & Wings - Maybe I'm Amazed (Live From Wings Over America)

Here's a live performance from over FORTY YEARS AGO that holds up like it could've happened just the other day...if not for COVID-19, of course.

Paul McCartney's 'Maybe I'm Amazed' was a song he wrote just prior to The Beatles' breakup in 1969 (nice), and later put on his first solo record, 'McCartney', but this live version from Wings' 1977 live album 'Wings over America' is the one that everybody knows best. It went on to become a Top 10 Hit in the US and got to #28 in the UK.

From Paul's beautiful, incredibly passionate, and powerful vocals, to Jimmy McCulloch's dual solos (as melodic and gorgeous in tone as I've ever heard) throughout the song - to the little things like the harmonies from the backup vocalists, and Denny Laine/Joe English's impeccable ability to hold it down in the rhythm section, this performance is nothing short of perfect. 


P.S. Here's my favorite cover of 'Maybe I'm Amazed' as a bonus...