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Pilot Pete And Kelley Have Jumped Into The Quarantine Tik Tok Game

A couple things. First, that's official confirmation that Pilot Pete and Kelley are an item. They were obviously spotted practicing the opposite social distancing in Chicago a couple weeks ago (a couple days ago? a couple months ago? I have no concept of time anymore) but now it's confirmed confirmed because they're quarantining together. Which is still crazy to me by the way. Starting a new relationship during the coronavirus quarantine seems like such a bad idea. I don't have a significant other to get sick of but I am getting sick of someone during this and that someone is me. I can't even imagine what it'd be like to be quarantining with ANOTHER person. Yes I have a roommate but it's different. Good roommates can ignore each other for days and weeks and it's still all good. That is not the case with a significant other.

Second, let's just call it what it is, they're ripping off Hannah B and Tyler C and the Quarantine Crew. That's the reality of the situation. I don't care that they're ripping them off, I just want them to know that everybody else knows that they're ripping off the Quarantine Crew. I hope a beef starts up. I want a Hannah B/Tyler C/Quarantine Crew vs Pilot Pete/Kelley beef to break out on Tik Tok. I won't pick a side in the beef, I'm just here for the chaos. Although I will be forced to pick a side if Barb gets involved with Pilot Pete and Kelley's Tik Toks. And given how......ummmmm.......musical Barb is on her instagram, it's only a matter of time*. I'll pledge my allegiance to the Quarantine Crew so fast it'll make your head spin.

*In case you were wondering, no I will not let a global pandemic stop me from taking shots at Barb