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Kid's Life Flashes Before His Eyes After He "April Fools" His Dad Into Thinking He Broke The TV

Dad comes home from a long day of work after slaving away for a bunch of ungrateful kids and how do they repay him? With a coordinated "prank" in the name of April Fools. Poor guy. Four on one just isn't fair. Those little bastards were probably cooking this up all day. It almost went awry too. No, I'm not talking about the impending corporal punishment, I'm talking about if Jalen never got that football the whole thing wouldn't have worked. It was the icing on the cake of believability. 

My favorite part is how the second he found out it was a prank he just turned around and walked away. Didn't even say anything. Just shook his head and kept it moving. Look at how defeated he is....

The good news is he'll have his revenge. He'll probably tell them quarantine's over and get em up early for school or something. Who knows. Hang in there, pops. You'll have your day.