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Video - Isolation Day 24: Wrote & Performed Song From The Heart About My Experience As A Woman On Isolation

I put myself out there for jokes sometimes but it's very rare that I show the real me, the vulnerable side. This is probably the first time I'm really doing it here to be honest. 

Just wanted to share a little bit of my world. Kept it as upbeat as possible and not too long winded & hope you enjoy it. 

Ok.. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing anymore. I was on the couch about to start another blog & then I thought, "Oh, I should try to write a song about this stuff." And for whatever reason the q in quarantine zipped my brain over to queefs right away and often times I stick with my first instinct before telling myself, "Hey, maybe just don't!" And I've never done a song before so I went for a showbiz sounding tune. So here we are, let me have it. Happy Whateverthehelldayitis!