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Subway Franchise Owner In Canada Uses The Fear Of Death via Coronavirus To Draw In Business

I don't have to tell you that times are tough right now, with #lockdownturnup being ordered all over the world, many businesses, especially small businesses, are taking a beating. Restaurant owners are having to get a little creative to draw in business, and one Subway restaurant franchise owner in Calgary Alberta, Canada took that creativity to another level, using peoples fear of their own death, and their children's deaths, to drive up some sandwich sales. 

That billboard above is the one this guy had professionally made, and that is the sign that turned his local town and twitter into a hornets nest. People were VERY OFFENDED! How could this man offer ONE free medical device with the purchase of TWO regular sandwiches, is he crazy? Was he hoarding masks? Should he have given them away to hospitals or nursing homes? The comments flooded in...

Some people had boring suggestions for what should be done with the masks

Any my personal favorite, the guy who will NEVER let Subway forget they hired Jared

However, other people sided with the owner

And this guy who threw Jamba Juice under the bus….ice cold

In the end Subway stepped in and had this to say..

So this poor bastard who was just trying to save his business in any way he knew how, somehow got his hands on a shit load of possibly stolen masks and tried to make a buck, all while keeping people fed and safe. What's the harm in that?!?! He didn't jack up the price of the sandwiches to make up for the mask cost, if you wanted that sweet mask to save your child's life you knew exactly how to get it, it's your fault if you didn't buy the two regular sandwiches to save your kids life, right?

Have a great fucking day!