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The Internet Needs To Join Forces Once Again And Bully Showtime Into Releasing Kevin Durant's New Documentary Early

Alright internet, you know what to do. If we can collectively bully ESPN into releasing the Jordan documentary early I see no reason why we can't do the same here with Showtime. May 15th may not seem like too far away, but then you realize not only is it 44 days away, but those are 44 quarantine days which are basically 50x as long. Basically it's time we join forces once again and get this out a little sooner. If you aren't too familiar with PG County or why there would even be a documentary about that region, lemme ask if you've heard of these names

Kevin Durant

Len Bias

Victor Oladipo

Markelle Fultz

Jeff Green

Quinn Cook

Ty Lawson

Jerami Grant

Jarrett Jack

Rodney McGruder

Delonte West

Danny Ferry

Uhhhhh that's pretty ridiculous. As the doc is titled, there most definitely is something in the water if that area is producing that many NBA players. Safe to say you can sign me up for this bad boy and not just because these type of documentaries might be my favorite type of content out there. I can only imagine some of the stories that are going to come out of this and during a time when we are all starved for fresh sports content this is a lifesaver.

While we're on the subject of basketball documentaries, if you're bored as shit and have already gone through everything on Netflix and need to give your meat a break, I want to recommend some other documentaries that came out over the last year or so that were awesome and absolute must watches if you haven't already.

There's the one from Derrick Rose



Ron Artest's

That one scene where DRose first learns about the trade from Chicago in real time was some of the realest shit I've ever seen. Cannot recommend that list enough if you are like me and love these type of documentaries. I know Durant gets a lot of flack on the internet, but here's his chance to win everyone over if he can find a way to get this out early. We need it.