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Tom DeLonge Recorded One of the Freakiest UFO Videos These Eyes Have Ever Seen

To you 90s kids, Tom DeLonge will forever be the man whose snarling, pop-punk harmonies and light, crisply driven guitar riffs provided the soundtrack to your first over-the-pants handie from your girlfriend who watched "TRL" religiously hoping to see his pixelated beach nudity. And while I'm as much of a Blink-182 guy as any Boomer, to me his contributions to society run much deeper.

In case you don't know, DeLonge is a co-founder of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, one of the leading paranormal research organizations in the world. It's stated purpose is to collect data and research into UFO phenomena, educate the public through books and television shows, as well as develop new forms of technology based on their findings. They've even reportedly worked with the U.S. Army and have staff members with government and military background. 

So yeah, if Ii were to come up with a short list of people I'd like to have recording an unexplained set of glowing objects hovering off the coast of Encinitas, CA, Tom DeLonge would be on it. And if you're predisposed to just dismiss this as nothing, please explain his description:

We were the only ones on the beach last night as this light disappeared, reappeared, broke into three pieces and stacked vertically with one little red dot flying around the top and then disappeared for the rest of the evening. This video doesn’t show much, but we were up quite late watching the light dance about a half a mile to a mile off of the beach. It was huge, and it was fiery orange. ... Lue checked immediately, there were no flights in the area except one that I had my eyes on the entire time. No military, no boats, and a bunch of hovering lights that were stacking on top of each other... wild. Who knows...

Who knows? Not me. What we do know is that no natural phenomenon could produce a hovering orange orb that separates and re-assembles. And there were no other aircraft in the area. 

But there's another factor at work here. Last week I forwarded a blog I wrote about a UFO recorded over Plymouth, MA:

… to my buddy who hosts the podcast "Monsterland" and he confirmed that there's been an increase in sightings lately. 

I wonder why?

I mean, consider that someone is coming here to observe us, either from another world, another dimension or another time. What would the world look like to them right now? Our population centers haven't looked like this since the beginning of civilization. Times Square is deserted. The highways are empty. There are cities in Asia where wildlife has returned to the streets. The atmosphere hasn't been like this since the Industrial Revolution. Assuming they don't know what's happening, could there be any doubt whoever has been visiting us all this time would be looking harder to find out why the sudden, unprecedented change in our activity? Isn't that just simple logic? 

If they were going to announce themselves or finally give us some definitive proof - close encounters of the third kind, just to borrow the phrase - now would be it. And if they do, it'll barely crack the Top 10 most surreal things to happen in 2020. The truth is out there and getting closer by the day. I just hope they bring toilet paper.