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G5 President Suggests College Football Should Move Their Season To The Spring

The discussion surrounding the 2020 college football season reminds me a lot of the discussion of March Madness a few weeks ago.

"There's no way this gets cancelled...."

"If anything they'll just play behind closed doors..."

"We will burn the country to the ground if March Madness is cancelled..."

Now, we are on day whatever of quarantine. 

Yesterday we discussed Lincoln Riley's comments:

This got worse today:

Brian Kelly said a week ago that if we aren't a go by July 1st, we will have an issue:

The good news is that during yesterday's press conference, the graph shown by Dr. Brix had us under 500 beds needed for COVID-19 patients by mid-July:

That has to be good news for college football. 

We'll keep an eye on this.