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Danny McBride Making His Kids Cry On April Fool's Day Is Exactly What We Needed

"I played a pretty impressive April Fool's day prank on my children this morning. 

I woke em up early. I said it was time to go to school. I got em dressed. I drove em to their school, which was empty, and I turned to them and laughed in their faces and said:

'Sike, the Coronavirus is still going on. You're never going to see your friends in person again! April Fools.'

And I wasn't expecting them to cry... but I think that's when I realized I had given them the perfect April Fools."

If I had a father and not one who abandoned me lol, I would want a father like Danny McBride. One who goes completely out of his way to be a prick to me on April Fool's Day for no other reason other than he loves me that much.  

I hope these kids know how good they have it. Not only is their dad Danny McBride, but apparently he's also the real-life Kenny Powers, Neal Gamby, and Jesse Gemstone.